Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thoughts on Valentines Day

Just a few thoughts:
  • Nothing with a handle.
  • Nothing with a handle, that plugs in.
  • Nothing with a handle, that plugs in, or has anything to do with insulation.
  • Nothing with a handle, that plugs in, has anythingto do with insulation, or can be purchased in the hardware aisle of any store.
  • Nothing with a handle, plugs in, has anything to do with insulation, available in the hardware aisle, or is intended to ameliorate a hypothetical future camping experience.

Let's review. No handle, plugging in thing. Nothing with the word insulation on it. Hardware store is just out of bounds. And camping is not happening, sorry sweetie.

I love you. We've been together a long time. I still remember the roses you planted under my widow in that ramshackle house I was renting. I still have the petals.

I no longer live in that house. I hope someone has cared for our roses. I love you more than I did that Valentines day almost 20 years ago. And in my soul, I can still smell our roses and still remember how beautiful the blooms.

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  1. wow...... lucky guy........ just saying.... :-)