Monday, February 7, 2011

Pink and I go Way Back.

Pink and I go way back.

I remember innocent and lovely all those years ago with Baby, Blush, Rose Petal, Peach, Ballet Slipper.

And wild caloric flights of fancy with Cotton Candy, Cherry Candy, Peppermint, Bubblegum.

Of course, fruit, lots of fruit, with Strawberry Ice Cream, Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry anything really, Raspberry, Watermelon, Peach reprised.

Quiet, sophisticated botanical reflections with Fuchsia, Orchid, Azalea, Begonia.

Heady days and steamy nights in the company of Shocking and Barbie, and Hot.

And irony, sly knowing irony, with Flamingo and Cadillac.

What am I to make of Honeysuckle. Where do you lie in my pink lexicon?

There are those who love her new spunky charms, her witty challenge to life as we know it. Caitlin McGauley, watercolor artist extraordinaire. Honeysuckle surprises in our urban sea of blacks and browns. Flippant to our all-grown-up-seriousness.

You are reckless Honeysuckle. Impromptu. I'll give you that.

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