Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beautiful Jewelry, Morning Coffee, Dubious Thoughts on White

I'll take your word for it on that early morning light thing. Sounds lovely. The light, I mean, not so much the early morning. I'm really a late morning kind of gal.

I gotta say, that lace sterling ring, the one with a wink of sapphire, looks fantastic with a cup of coffee. Is it the coffee that makes my morning bright, or the quiet sparkle laughing from woven waves of sterling silver? Added bonus, sapphire and silver don't stain. Sparkly and practical.

How's ubiquity treating you? Betty White. Shawn White. White lines. White Knuckles. The White Stripes. Teeth that Are Too White. White Fang. White Russian. Plain White T's. Snow White. White House. Knight on a White Horse. Little White Lies We Tell Our Mothers. White Noise. White Out.


Do you really have time for us? For me? My eye wanders. To green maybe. To pink perhaps.


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